Medical Technology Challenge

Reimagining the ambulance of the future

MIT Campus, Boston

This team has four days to find a solution for the so-called “Medical Technology Challenge” and create a prototype for it. In total there are five of these cubes, each working on a different challenge and competing against each other. On Monday night, they will pitch their product to a jury and a live audience.

Other Challenges

What is InCube?


Five students live in a glass cube for four days in a public spot in a city. On day one they are presented with a challenge, on which they work with the help of experts and facilitators. Finally, they present a prototype and compete against the other teams by convincing a jury with the solution to the problem. 

Public Space

The event takes place in public for two reasons. We want you to be involved and interact with what is happening. Also the final product needs to have a customer. Therefor, the teams need to consult real people to gather information about a potential problem and to also validate their prototypes. 

Watch the final.

On Monday evening the teams pitch their product at ETH Zürich to a live an audience of 400 people. The event is open for everyone that is interested and the tickets are free. Due to space restraints there is no attendance possible without a ticket. Get your ticket via this link.


It takes four days. The challenge is revealed on Thursday, 20th and the final presentation is on Monday, 24th.

Yes. But only to interact with the public and to take a shower. They work, eat and sleep inside

Come to the final on monday and find out! You can get free tickets to watch it live here.

We’re very lucky to have support from various corporates who support this experiment. Here is a list of our partners.

Please don’t you may scare them. Feeding times are twice a day.

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