InCube 2018 From Inside – How it all started

InCube From Inside – A Recollection part 1 By Shirzart Enwer It was the the first Sunday morning after InCube 2018 and it was the first Sunday morning in a month that I could finally not think about InCube anymore. Yet, every piece of InCube was still there, inevitably. Although everyone of us had already […]

The results of InCube 2018

From the 21st to 24th of September, the ETH Entrepreneur Club organized the second iteration of the InCube Challenge. Now a month later we’d like to look back and summarise the results of InCube 2018. During 4 days, the teams with 5-6 students each worked and lived inside a transparent cube in a public place. […]

From Boston to the Swiss alps and back

From Friday to Sunday, all InCube participants headed to Crans-Montana to prepare for InCube the following weekend. The team that will work in the Boston Cube flew over the big pond to attend this event. Eswar, one of the Boston Team members, experienced it as follows: “Last Wednesday night, our team of 5 from Boston […]

Team building on 2300 meter above sea level

This weekend the OutCube took place, where all participants got to know each other and participated in many workshops! Armon, InCube participant, took some time to document his experience: “Spending a weekend with people from literally all around the globe is a life-enhancing experience. However, even more thrilling about that, we got to do this […]

Preparations before entering the Cube

A breeze, a beautiful view over the Rhone Valley and being surrounded by a bunch of people from the InCube, this is the OutCube. During a 3 day event, participants will get proper training for the InCube challenge itself. As the second step of the Student Journey the emphasis lays on the education of the participants […]

Is InCube still taking place?!

This is InCube 2018 First of all: Yes of course it is happening! After many months of planning we’re incredibly happy to spill the beans about the event and get everyone up to speed.  If you’re unfamiliar with InCube see some  impressions from 2017 to get a feeling of what it’ll be like. The journey begins […]

Why does InCube take place in a glass cube

With a cube almost entirely out of glass we want to encourage the citizenry to be part of the created solution, foster transparency and provide a platform for interactive engagement in tackling tomorrow’s challenges. Therefore, all the transparent cubes are located in public spaces in different parts of Switzerland and even in the United States […]

How to think out of the box

Time is incredibly precious during this competition, therefore a process is required that lets the participants advance fast but making sure they get each step right. Our approach is based on Design Thinking. Design Thinking is a design methodology which is a solution-based iteration process to tackle a challenge which requires outside of the box […]

InCube 2017

From the 6th to 9th October, the ETH Entrepreneur Club organized the first ever edition of the InCube Challenge. During 4 days, 3 teams with 5 students each worked and lived inside a transparent cube in a public place in Zürich. Together with the main sponsors Allianz Suisse, SIX Group and ETH Zürich, the teams […]